Kemal Precision Manufacturing Offers Exclusive Injection Molding Services Online

Grand News Network | April 12, 2024

United States, 12th Apr 2024 – In an era where efficiency and quality are paramount, Kemal Precision Manufacturing is setting new standards in the production of custom injection-molded plastic parts – With its exclusive online injection molding services, the company is offering an innovative solution tailored for rapid production and prototyping needs. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in making top-tier manufacturing capabilities accessible to a broader audience.

Kemal Precision Manufacturing Offers Exclusive Injection Molding Services Online

Kemal Precision Manufacturing’s online platform is designed to streamline the injection molding process, offering clients a seamless experience from design consultation to the delivery of the final product. The service emphasizes minimal lead times and cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality that Kemal is known for.

Jason Lee, CEO of Kemal Precision Manufacturing, highlighted the essence of this new service, stating, “The aim is to democratize access to premium injection molding services. The team believes that by offering the expertise online, there can be a significant reduction in barriers for businesses of all sizes to obtain custom, high-quality plastic parts quickly and efficiently.”

The company’s advanced manufacturing facilities are at the heart of its operation, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery capable of producing consistent parts from the same mold. This precision is crucial for clients who require uniformity and reliability in their products. 

Additionally, Kemal offers a complimentary consultation service for every order, ensuring clients make informed decisions about product design, mold design, surface finishes, and shipping methods.

A standout feature of Kemal Precision Manufacturing’s offering is its integration of cross-docking in the quality control and shipping process. Before orders are shipped to their final destinations, they undergo a thorough inspection at the company’s cross-dock facilities in China. This process not only streamlines shipping but also allows for additional quality assurance measures to ensure each product meets the client’s exacting standards.

“The cross-docking facility is more than just a transit point; it’s where the commitment to quality is put to the test,” Lee explained. “By conducting detailed inspections and offering additional services right before shipping, the team ensures that the clients receive products that perfectly match their specifications.”

Looking towards the future, Lee is optimistic about the impact of Kemal Precision Manufacturing’s online services. “As the team continues to innovate and expand the online offerings, the goal is to become the go-to solution for injection molding services globally. Everyone here is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing, offering the clients unparalleled quality, efficiency, and service.”

Kemal Precision Manufacturing Offers Exclusive Injection Molding Services Online

Kemal Precision Manufacturing’s online injection molding services are now available, inviting businesses and innovators to experience a new level of manufacturing excellence. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Kemal is poised to revolutionize the way custom plastic parts are produced and delivered.

For more information about Kemal Precision Manufacturing and its injection molding services online, please contact Jason Lee at +1 770-365-0810 or via email at

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